In high volume photography markets, associating people with their photos and giving customers quick and direct access to them, can be difficult and tedious work. The ENTAGGED changes that, enabling an easy, automated and efficient workflow. It’s a vital piece of the workflow puzzle for volume photographers. It plays a crucial part at the photoshoot: Getting the data – who or what is on the photo – into the photo’s metadata. It’s compatible with a lot of commonly used workflow software, and can easily be integrated in yours.

As easy as pressing the shutter.

Using the ENTAGGED couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re in school photography, event photography or product photography, it will save you valuable time and money. But the benefits don’t stop at the shoot: it brings the experience of purchasing photos to a new level, strengthening your customer relations.



Scan a barcode or RFID tag with the app or scanner



Take one or more photos



The code is stored in the photos’ metadata


“I can say with confidence that without the Entagged, I do not know where I would be today as a business.”

Paul Darbyshire Darby Photos, Canada

“The Entagged saves 30 minutes per average shoot. For bigger events, it’s even more. And as we all know, time is money!”

Chris Wunder Portrait EFX, USA

“The Entagged is the single best purchase we have made.”

Sam Boarer White Rose Trading CIC, UK


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Watch school photographer Tim Mcdonald (owner of Image Art Studio) use the ENTAGGED during a busy picture day shooting student’s yearbook photos. The ENTAGGED saves each student’s ID as a barcode in the photos’ metadata. The volume software he’s using (in this case GotPhoto) associates the barcode with the student, matching all photos to the right person.

An example workflow for an event photographer:

  1. Start with a stack of business cards with random barcodes.
  2. Before photographing your subject, take a new barcode card and scan the code with the Entagged app or wireless scanner.
  3. Take photos of the subject.
  4. Give the barcode card to the subject.
  5. Upload the photos from the shoot to your website, which detects the codes in the metadata.
  6. The subject follows the instructions on the card and types in the barcode number to see, share or order their specific photos.

An example workflow for a school photographer:

  1. Receive student list from school and generate barcodes from student IDs.
  2. Print envelopes and order forms with barcodes.
  3. Set up at the school on photo day.
  4. The student enters with an envelope containing the order form with their personalized barcode and the different packages to be ordered.
  5. Take the envelope and scan the ID and barcodes for all the marked packages with the app or wireless scanner.
  6. Take photos of the student.
  7. Sends all photos straight to the lab.
  8. Thanks to the codes in the metadata, the lab fulfils all ordered packages sorted automatically by student.

An example workflow for a cruise ship photographer:

  1. Scan the RFID bracelets of every family member with the wireless RFID scanner.
  2. Take photos.
  3. Load all photos into the cruise ship photography software.
  4. The family can log in into the cruise ship website and select their favorites to have them printed.

Software independent. Compatible with many, integrable with yours.

The ENTAGGED saves barcodes into the photo’s EXIF data. It’s saved into standard fields (Nikon: comment, Canon: copyright), making it compatible with most third party workflow software and online services for volume photography. You can also easily implement support for our solution in your own software.

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