Barcode Tagging for Volume Photography

(Successor of the BARCODE EDITION)


When taking thousands of photos, photographers need to keep track of who or what they took each photo of. This is true for school, event and tourist attraction photography and many more. Photographers had to waste time either during or after the shoot for sorting and matching photos to clients.

The ENTAGGED puts an end to that: photos are tagged with an individuals’ code directly in-camera, simply by scanning their barcode before taking the photos. The customer can later find his photos within seconds, completely automatically, by scanning his barcode at your photo kiosk or entering it on your website.

Foolproof workflow automation.

To automate your volume photography workflow, the ENTAGGED saves the barcodes you scan in the metadata of each photo, directly in the camera – the instant you press the shutter. The code always stays with the photo, no matter how you transfer it to your workflow software. Your software can use that code to automatically associate individuals or products with their photos, saving hours of work doing this manually. Just scan a code and take a photo, the rest can be automated.

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Minimalistic setup. No extra software.

All you need is a tiny Bluetooth module on your Canon or Nikon DSLR. This is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or alternatively a wireless barcode, QR code or RFID scanner the size of a matchbox. Scanned codes are saved directly in the photos’ metadata, in the standard comment field on Nikons and copyright field on Canons. Because of that, no additional software is necessary as most volume photography software can already read these fields.

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Design to boost productivity.

The ENTAGGED is made for professionals that shoot hundreds and thousands of pictures a day. It’s designed to increase your productivity and won’t slow you down. The small module connects to the side of the camera, leaving you all the freedom you’re used to when taking photos. No bulky devices attached to the camera – just a tiny module you won’t even notice is there.

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Product quality. As important as any other feature.

Unobtrusive design, reliability and high quality are just as important for us as they are for you. This is why the ENTAGGED is designed, developed and manufactured in Germany – every module, every step of the way. And of course, we’re here for you to give qualified advice and support.

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An adaptable solution for a diverse industry.

The ENTAGGED is the best solution to improve and automate your workflow. It falls into line with the rest your workflow and can be adapted to any use case out there. Hundreds of photographers already use the ENTAGGED or its predecessor, the Barcode Edition, on a daily basis in theme parks, schools, warehouses and many more places across the globe to save time and unnecessary costs.



The ENTAGGED is the successor of the tried and true BARCODE EDITION. Here’s what’s changed:

What’s new?

  • The ENTAGGED is now available for Canon as well as Nikon DSLRs.
  • It comes with a free smartphone app, and is compatible with several scanners out of the box which can be purchased locally, bringing down the cost considerably.
  • It’s also finally available for sale to the US and Canada, all patent issues are resolved.
  • It now saves the Barcodes to a single metadata field, already compatible with almost all common workflow software (comment field on Nikons, copyright field on Canons).
  • Even more reliable barcode tagging, from the first photo, as the code is stored in camera memory immediately after scan.
  • It’s even smaller than before and uses Bluetooth Low Energy for quicker connections.

Become part of the revolution.

Automate your volume photography workflow. Get the ENTAGGED and associate people and products with their photos in the easiest and most convenient way imaginable.

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