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Why does the Unleashed for Nikon sometimes need a small cable?

The Unleashed N1/N2 plugs directly into a 10-pin port on Nikon DSLRs. Through this port we get power and camera state. Remote Triggering, Intervalometer as well as Geotagging are possible on all Nikons through this port alone. On newer DSLRs (since about 2012), we can even control almost all settings through this port, so changing […] Read more…

What is the difference compared to other solutions on the market?

The Unleashed is a camera accessory that is unlike other solution in the market of smart camera remote controls. Here are a couple of reasons why: Design: The Unleashed is a tiny unobtrusive device that sits on the side of your camera, NOT blocking the hot-shoe. You’re still able to hold your camera normally and […] Read more…