Entagged Name List

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Volume Photography Game Changer

With just a tap on the list of names in the Entagged app, all following photos have the subject’s unique code embedded in their metadata. No more printing or scanning QR-codes and barcodes.

Only works in combination with an Entagged. Order yours here!



The new Entagged NAME LIST feature completely changes the volume photography game.

With just a tap on a name in the list, you’ll embed the subjects unique code into the metadata of all following photos, for the easiest workflow automation. No more printing or scanning QR-codes and barcodes. Import student name lists directly into the app and you’re good to go! Just tap a name, take photos, and repeat.

  • 100% paperless workflow: eliminates the hassles of printing and scanning
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Import lists directly into the app:
    • Works with CSV files
    • Integrates seamlessly with GotPhoto
  • Easily search and group by grade, teacher, etc.
  • Select multiple names for group shots
  • Tag and remote trigger from one app
  • Easy integration into existing workflow

One subscription per Entagged is needed to unlock this feature.
Find the one that’s right for you, starting at 8€ per month.

  • Monthly subscription:
    • 25€ billed monthly
    • Cancelable at any time
  • Annual subscription:
    • 10€ per month, billed monthly
    • 96€ per year, billed annually (equivalent to 8€ per month)

1 review for Entagged Name List

  1. Kelly

    This is the fastest system on the market for high volume photography. I love it.

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