Is the Unleashed compatible with external GPS devices?


We recently added support for directly pairing either the Holux M-241 Plus, the QStarz BL-1000ST or BL-1000GT with the Unleashed. This was possible since these GPS Receivers are some of the few that support Bluetooth Low Energy. Unfortunately most other GPS receivers use only Classic Bluetooth (as did our Unleashed’09) but the new Unleashed is not compatible with that. We’re open for suggestions which GPS receivers with BLE we should have a look at next.

It’s also possible to indirectly connect GPS Receivers from Bad Elf with the Unleashed. Since the Bad Elf GPS Pro and Pro+ are MFI certified, they can be used to provide a high precision location for iOS devices. Since the Unleashed connected to that same iPhone uses the smartphone’s location, it will indirectly receive the high precision location from the Bad Elf GPS.

Please refer to this blog post for more information.

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