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Is the new Unleashed compatible with external GPS devices?

Yes and no.

The new UNLEASHED is using Bluetooth Low Energy instead of Bluetooth Classic. This makes connection to the phone super easy and efficient, but won’t allow you to pair the new UNLEASHED directly with an external GPS tacker as most of them are using Bluetooth Classic, such as the Bad Elf for example. However, we actually found a GPS tacker that is Bluetooth Low Energy compatible so we’re testing it in the moment in order to check if we can connect it directly with the new Unleashed. As soon as we have further infos, we’ll update this FAQ.

As a work-around for now: You can also pair your Bad Elf GPS with your phone to provide better GPS coordinates, so the Unleashed app basically writes the GPS data from the Bad Elf into the photos’ meta data via the new Unleashed.

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