Revolutionizing Volume Photography.


When taking thousands of photos, photographers need to keep track of what or who they took each photo of. This is true for markets such as school, event and tourist attraction photography and many more. Photographers either have to waste time during or after the shoot for sorting and matching photos to clients. With the Barcode Edition, a photo can be tagged with an individual number by simply scanning a barcode before taking the photo. By scanning or typing in the barcode to your photo kiosk or website, the customer can find their photos within seconds, completely automatically.

Complete workflow automation.

To automate your volume photography workflow, the barcodes you scan are stored in the metadata of each photo directly in the camera – the instant you press the shutter. And that’s where they stay, no matter how you transfer the photo between your camera and your computer. The Barcode Edition makes sure that individuals or products are associated with the photos so you don’t need to do any extra work yourself. Just scan a code and take a photo.

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The smallest tool to get a big job done.

Tagging photos with barcodes is a great technology in itself. Reducing its physical size to a minimum, making it wireless and truly portable is even greater. A tiny Bluetooth module attached to any Nikon DSLR and connected to a wireless barcode scanner the size of a matchbox is all you need.

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Design to boost productivity.

The Barcode Edition is made for professionals that shoot hundreds and thousands of pictures a day. It’s designed to increase your productivity and won’t slow you down. The small module sits on the side of the camera leaving you all the freedom you’re used to when taking photos. No bulky devices attached to the camera – just a tiny device you won’t even notice is there.

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Product quality. As important as any other feature.

High quality, reliability and unobtrusive design are just as important for us as they are for you. That’s why the Barcode Edition is designed and manufactured in Germany – every module, every step of the way. And of course, we’re here for you to give qualified advice and support.

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An adaptable solution for a diverse industry.

The Barcode Edition is the best solution to improve and automate your workflow. It just falls into line with the rest your workflow and can be adapted to any use case out there. Hundreds of photographers are already using the Barcode Edition on a daily basis in theme parks, schools, warehouses and many more places across the globe to save time and unnecessary costs.

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Improve your volume photography workflow. Automatically associate people and products with their photos in the easiest and most convenient way you can imagine.

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