A camera is a beautiful tool. Your DSLR is designed to fit perfectly into your hands to enable you to take photos that last forever. The Unleashed doesn’t change that. It is designed to be small, unobtrusive and to leave you all the options to connect additional camera accessories you already have, like a remote release, flash or microphone.

As small as it gets.

Designing the Unleashed, the focus was always on the camera. An accessory should never get in the way of you taking amazing photos. That’s why we decided to make it as small and sleek as possible.

Protected by supreme plastic.

All of the Unleashed’s technology is covered by one of the best and most solid plastics in the world. The black PA6 GF30 casing with fiberglass ensures minimal wear and maximal durability.

Inconspicuous but Informative.

With its size and color the Unleashed is made to work in the background. Still, it’s able to communicate its status via 2 LEDs to let you know everything is all right.

Takes little space. Leaves room for more.

The Unleashed connects to Nikon’s proprietary socket for GPS and remote release. In order to use it without blocking it, the Unleashed relays a socket to connect a wired remote release if needed.

Different versions for different cameras. Variety that ensures excellence.

At the moment the Unleashed is only available for Nikon DSLRs. We’re developing a version for Canon and Sony cameras and cannot yet guarantee a reliable product for sale. However, the Unleashed is currently available in different versions to fit perfectly on your specific Nikon DSLR.




Get Unleashed.

Return to unique photo locations. Relive beautiful memories. Take yourself and your camera to the next level. Add wireless direct geotagging to your DSLR.

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