Shipping Updates

Thank you for pre-ordering the Unleashed. We’re grateful for every new Unleashed user and are excited to see what you will create with it. As transparency is important to us, this page is meant to update on the production of your pre-order and on when we expect to ship it to you. Please feel free to check this site from time to time as we update it as soon as we have new information from our suppliers and production partners.

If your order is not a pre-order and you are waiting for shipment: at the moment we ship once a week, usually in the first half of the week. So if you’ve been waiting a few days without receiving a shipping notice, don’t worry, it most likely will be shipped very soon.

Last updated: 03.08.2021


Current Status and Estimated Delivery


    • The pre-orders for cameras using N1 + mini-USB cables have been shipped. Please note that Unleashed N1 orders for Nikon D500, D800 / D800E, D810 / D810A, D850 and D5 will only be shipped once the micro-USB cables (below) arrive.
    • Estimated shipping: dependant on camera model


    • We are currently waiting for the last parts to arrive for production. Due to a production problem, the production of the plugs was delayed. It took a few weeks to pinpoint and fix this issue but they have now arrived. Now we are waiting for our appointment with our circuit board assembler next week. Then we’ll pick them up and perform the last production steps at our office. Pre-orders will be shipped immediately after completion and testing.
    • Estimated shipping: Middle of August


    • We are waiting for our production partner close to Berlin to assemble our circuit boards. We let them know well in advance but they will only have an open slot in a week so the final production steps (flashing firmware, assembly, welding and testing) are delayed by 2 weeks. Pre-orders will be shipped immediately after completion and testing. This production batch is now sold out. Orders from July 30th onwards are for the next production batch.
    • Estimated shipping: Middle of August for orders until July 30th / end of September for orders from July 30th onwards

Micro USB Cable

    • Our production partner was having trouble sourcing our plugs so production of the micro-USB cables was unfortunately delayed (see explanation under “N2”). This is now finally resolved and production could resume. Our production partner plans to ship them on August 15th. Please note that this doesn’t mean they will be in our office by August 15th. We will of course ship orders that are waiting for this cable as fast as possible once they arrive.
    • Estimated shipping: Middle to end of August

In case your question remains unanswered or you have any other feedback please write to:

Thank you for your patience. We’re looking forward to see the Unleashed in your hands soon.