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Easy barcode tagging with the ENTAGGED allows you to automatically associate your photos with individuals or products. The barcodes are directly saved to the photos’ metadata. Compatible with most volume photography workflow software, and easily integrable into custom solutions.

NEW: The Name List. Enjoy a 100% paper-less, streamlined workflow. No more printing or scanning. Subscribe here

Choose your model below, see full compatibility here.

Choose your camera brand and model below to receive the correct ENTAGGED, including the USB plug and HDMI/USB cable. Spare or additional cables are available for purchase here. Additional magnetic USB plugs for the Entagged M can be purchased here.


The Entagged revolutionizes your volume photography workflow.

With the Entagged you can easily barcode tag your photos, in order to automatically associate them with individuals or products. The barcodes are directly saved to the metadata. Compatible with most volume photography workflow software, like GotPhoto, and easily integrates into your existing workflow.

To enjoy a 100% paper-less, streamlined workflow without printing or scanning, get the Name List feature

If your Canon camera is not featured in the drop-down menu or compatibility page, it may work with adapters. Order adapter sets here


  • Completely wireless direct barcode scanning solution
  • Free, easy to use app for scanning, available for iOS and Android
  • NEW in 2022: Name List in app, for a 100% paper-less tagging solution – no printing or scanning
  • Easy integration into your existing workflow
  • Remote trigger from app or scanner
  • Configure and control multiple Entaggeds from one app/phone


  • Tiny, light and unobtrusive Bluetooth module that plugs into camera
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy to use
  • Fast and reliable Bluetooth Low Energy connection
  • Permanent connection & automatic reconnection
  • No need to charge: extremely minimal use of camera battery
  • Bluetooth range up to 40m (tested with iPhone 6s & Unleashed N1 without obstacles)
  • Compatible with Opticon OPN2006, PX-20 and Tertium NFC Scanner
  • Made in Germany


  • Size: C1/C2: 13.7 x 35.2 x 5.5mm, M/N1/N2: 13.7 x16 x 5.2mm
  • Weight: C1/C2: 3.5g, N1/N2: 2g
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2 (Low Energy)
  • Sockets used:
    • C1: Micro USB & HDMI
    • C2: Mini USB & HDMI
    • N1: Round 10-pin Accessory Terminal & USB via cable
    • N2: Square 10-pin Accessory Terminal & USB via cable
    • N1/N2 Cables (depends on camera model):
      • Mini USB
      • Micro USB (also fits Micro USB 3.0)
      • 8P USB
      • USB Type C
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
  • Contains FCC ID: 2AAQS-ISP1507
  • Contains IC ID: 11306A-ISP1507