Unleashed Magnetic USB Plug

10.00  incl. VAT

Magnetic USB plug for the Unleashed M or Entagged M. Order spares or use your Unleashed or Entagged with different cameras by getting additional magnetic USB plugs (and HDMI cables).


Make your Unleashed M or Entagged M work on multiple cameras by adding the according plugs and/or HDMI cables to your order.

The magnetic plug design comes with many advantages:

  • More versatility: One Unleashed/Entagged can be used on multiple cameras (from Canon, Sony, Fujifilm and Panasonic). If they have different USB ports, you just need multiple magnetic plugs, not different models.
  • Future-proof: Your Unleashed/Entagged remains compatible when you upgrade your camera – you can then simply order a new plug and/or cable.
  • Protects your camera’s USB port: should your camera fall or get banged against a surface, the Unleashed/Entagged will simply pop off, while the magnetic plug stays in the camera. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the Unleashed/Entagged, as it will remain attached to the cable that plugs into the HDMI port.
  • Increased longevity of the Unleasheds/Entagged: Just as your camera’s port, the Unleashed/Entagged’s plug will also be protected from bending or even breaking off. Any force strong or persistent enough for something like that will simply disconnect the magnet.

Important note for Nikon users: Most Nikon cameras will require either the Unleashed N1 or N2. The N1 and N2 have fixed plugs, thus these magnetic plugs will not work with them.
The exceptions to this rule are the Z30, Z50, Z fc, D340 and D3500 – these use the model M.

Warning: Do not use a magnetic plug that was not purchased from Foolography! These can cause damage to your camera, even if they look exactly the same as ours. There is no standard, and the various manufacturers use different pinouts which can damage your camera’s USB port electrically.