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The UNLEASHED is a tiny Bluetooth module that plugs directly into your camera, blending perfectly into its design. It adds amazing features and gives you full control over your camera from your smartphone. The free app is available for iOS & Android.

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  • Canon
  • Nikon


Smart camera control for Canon and Nikon


  • Full control: Change all Settings remotely
  • Long exposures up to 4.6 hours
  • Timelapse with Exposure ramping
  • Start and stop video and trigger remotely
  • Image Review: see thumbnails in app
  • Geotagging
  • Control 6 cameras at once


  • Tiny, light and unobtrusive Bluetooth module plugs into camera
  • Free, intuitive and easy to use app
  • Plug and Play
  • Quick and reliable Bluetooth Low Energy connection
  • Permanent connection & automatic reconnection when camera is on & in range
  • No need to charge: Minimal power use of camera
  • Bluetooth range up to 40m (tested with iPhone 6s & Unleashed N1 without obstacles)
  • Made in Germany


  • Size: C1/C2: 13.7 x 35.2 x 5.5mm, N1/N2: 13.7 x16 x 5.2mm
  • Weight: C1/C2: 3.5g, N1/N2: 2g
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 (Low Energy)
  • Sockets used:
    • C1: Micro USB & HDMI
    • C2: Mini USB & HDMI
    • N1: Round 10-pin Accessory Terminal *
    • N2: Square 10-pin Accessory Terminal *
    • N1/N2 Cable: * Optional – for some features:
      • Mini USB
      • Micro USB (also fits Micro USB 3.0)
      • 8P USB
      • USB Type C
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
  • Contains FCC ID: 2AAQS-ISP1507
  • Contains IC ID: 11306A-ISP1507

Additional information

Weight 100 g

118 reviews for UNLEASHED

  1. Laura

    I love it and will keep it!

  2. Matt

    Saw an Instagram ad and ordered it. I’m not disappointed but angry that I didn’t find it before. ;)

  3. Chris

    Good stuff! Got it yesterday!

  4. Tony

    Got it. So far everything works. Shipping was quite fast.

  5. Marc

    The Unleashed seems to be a solid product. Had a few problems installing the app, but everything seems to work now.

  6. Derek

    Great product from Germany! If you have a camera, get it!

  7. Terry

    A must have for every nature photographer!

  8. Frank

    I received the Unleashed five days ago and have been playing around with it for a while now. Love the long exposure feature! Great app, as well! Awesome guys!

  9. Larry

    The unleashed is amazing. I’m using it to take photos in my garden.

  10. Keith

    Great stuff! Works without any problems on my Canon 5D Mk IV. Highly recommend it!

  11. Ed

    Absolutely amazing! Happy I found it on Facebook!

  12. Jeff

    Finally!! I’ve been looking for something like this for years!

  13. Noah

    German engineering in tha house! Awesome!

  14. Rick

    It’s without a doubt the best wirless remote I had so far. I also have two other similar products and I have to say that the Unleashed is by far the most reliable and the one with the most features. If you’re still unsure, just go for it. It’s worth the money! :)

  15. Peter

    The remote works, but there was no printed manual included. I reached out to the team and they directed me to their support page with videos. Everything’s working now but that seemed to be a bad user experience.

  16. Susan

    I’m so happy I found it. Took it already to three continents. :)

  17. Charles

    I got it two weeks ago and already told all my photography friends about it! :) It’s awesome!

  18. Jesse

    Works on my Nikon!

  19. Jonathan

    A great device!

  20. Nathan

    Great product and service. Shipping to the US works great, as well. No problems!

  21. Christian

    I tested the Unleashed throughout the last three weeks and I have to say that I’m really happy with it. Works great and reliably!

  22. Jeremy

    Honestly, this is incredible. I also called the guys to tell them this! This is just an awesome piece of technology. Thank you!

  23. Ben

    5 stars! The best remote control I’ve ever had.

  24. Anthony

    The Unleashed arrived two weeks ago so I had the chance to test it out a little bit. The ads and website promised quite a bit so I used it for two timelapses I did outside in the garden. Both of them turned out great. It was really nice being inside the house and see the progress within the app. I’m super happy with it and can definitely recommend it. In three weeks I’ll be on a hiking trip and try out the Geotagging feature. We’ll see :)

  25. Monica

    The Unleashed is actually a great device. There is almost nothing to complain about. The only thing might be that the photo that’s tranderred is a bit small. However, I talked to the team and they said that they’re working on an option to choose the photo size so you can transfer a bigger one. Once that feature is launched they’ll get 5 stars!

  26. Ryan

    No Express shipping. Waited for a week to get it!

  27. Sean

    My wife gave me the Unleashed for Christmas. It’s been fun using it!

  28. Chad

    So far I only had a classic remote control. I saw an ad on Instagram so gave it a chance! And I have to say: Works just great! Thanks guys

  29. Gary

    Canon 6D Mark II. By far better than the native Canon camera connect app!

  30. Troy

    It’s an impressive gadget! And it’s soooo small. Perfect for traveling!

  31. Andrew

    No complaints. Works as described.

  32. Justin

    Perfect for night photography and star trails!

  33. Tara

    Love it!

  34. Joseph

    Works great!

  35. Craig

    Nice product. Love the size! But almost lost it… Recommend to get a small bag or so.

  36. Scott

    I’m happy with it. Does what it’s supposed to do!

  37. Doug

    Got it shipped to michigan, united states. Took 10 days. Product works fine!

  38. Joshua

    Amazing piece of hardware! Well done!

  39. Matthew

    Can absolutely recommend it.

  40. David

    Great tool.

  41. Jeff

    Well, I found this remote control on facebook and decided to order it. I do landscape photography and have been using a wired remote shutter release until now. THe unleashed really is a good replacement for that, plus it has geotagging! Can’t imagine going without it anymore!

  42. Richard

    Amazing piece of hardware! Well done!

  43. Jonas

    Great product! Ordered it for my Nikon D7100. Have done two timelapse so far and I have to say it works super easy. Also Geotagging is a nice feature – used it on my last trip to Italy.

  44. Sara

    A great tool for any travel photographer!

  45. Will

    I’ve been asked to write a quick review. So far the Unleashed works great with my Canon 5D mark IV. Pairing was super fast and I didn’t have any connection problems so far. I shoot landscapes and wanted a better remote control than my old PIXEL. The app is also pretty intuitive and comes with a lot of features. I would definitely buy it again.

  46. Luke

    The Unleashed is absolutely amazing! Everything seems to be well thought through and you really see that the guys payed a lot of attention to details. Love it!

  47. Mark

    Got the Unleashed for my Canon 5D MarkIV last week. To be honest, I was a little bit hesitant to put down that amount of money but I have to say it’s well worth the price. The app is nice to use and comes with a lot of features. It’s actually amazing that the team was able to pack so many features in such a small device! Awesome work guys!

  48. Michael

    Awesome product! Is working great. Also came in a cool packaging ;)

  49. Paul

    The geotagging feature is great!

  50. Todd

    I just bought the Unleashed as I was looking for a tool to do holy grail timelapses with my Nikon D7200. Works great! I mean you still need software like LRTimelapse, but it makes things so much easier already. Just set it up, shoot, import, ken burns, great result.

  51. Steve

    Unleashed works as described! I can absolutely recommend it to everyone with a camera!

  52. Eric

    I can recommend the Unleashed to anyone who is looking for a timer. I have the Canon TC-80N3 remote control, but now wanted something without cable. The Unleashed looked promising so I ordered one and tested it. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect replacement for my Canon remote and even surprises with so many more features. So again: I can absolutely recommend it!
    Camera: Canon 5DSR
    Phone: iPhone 8 plus

  53. Shawn

    The size is incredible!! I was so surprised when I received it. It’s so small!

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