Congratulations on getting your new Unleashed

1) unpack (what’s with the cable) 2) plug it in ( 3) download app 4) pair 5) enjoy

Why does the Unleashed need a cable?

HDMI cables for Unleashed M Each Unleashed M comes with an HMDI cable that is needed to supply power to the Unleashed. It thus needs to be plugged in at all times. USB cables for Unleashed N1 and N2 The Unleashed N1/N2 plugs directly into a 10-pin port on Nikon cameras. Through this port we […] Read more…


There are two options for shooting long exposures in the Unleashed app:

The first option is for long exposures up to 30 seconds: Using the regular shutter speed setting in the app, you can set exposures as long as they are natively supported by your camera (usually up to 30 seconds).

The second option is for long exposures up to 4.6 hours: Using the LONG EXP setting in the Unleashed app, you can go beyond your camera’s built-in limit. You can select the length of the exposure using the dial in 1/3rd stop increments up to 4.6 hours. Alternatively, you can choose the “Time” mode where you press the shutter button in the app once to start your shot, then once more to close the shutter and end the shot at your desired time.

In both modes the Unleashed will keep the trigger pressed, so you no longer have to hold it manually. You can also always cancel the shot at an earlier time.

As always, if you’ve set up a very long exposure, the Unleashed keeps shooting even when you close the app, or go out of range with your phone.

How to

To shoot a long exposure using the long exposure setting:

  • Choose the LONG EXP setting in the second row, second column.
  • If necessary, change the following settings in order to activate the long exposure setting:
    • Mode is set to M (or bulb, depending on your camera)
    • Shutter speed is set to Bulb
  • Set your desired exposure time and tap the shutter button below. A yellow ring around the shutter button will indicate the remaining exposure time.
  • Troubleshooting:

    If you can’t set exposures longer than 30 seconds, you are likely looking at the shutter speed setting, not the dedicated long exposure setting (LONG EXP). The shutter speed setting in the first row will only allow exposures of up to 30 seconds (or as long as they are natively supported by your camera).

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