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Introducing: Foolography Crew

Community Crew

With the UNLEASHED, you can have complete control over your camera using your smartphone. Developing the UNLEASHED, our goal was not only to solve problems, but also to help you get out there and take more photos, making the lives of many photographers around the world easier.

Now that we have our product shipped to thousands of customers all around the world, we want to bring our community together and show our appreciation for their support so far on our journey. We think it would be great to get closer to the community of UNLEASHED users to hear about their thoughts, ideas, inspirations and feedbacks! We want to know how is the UNLEASHED being used and which kind of amazing images it can help you to take by giving the Foolography community room to share photos, tips and experiences!

In the past weeks, we now started reviving our social media and would like to honour the content you create, giving you another platform and space to connect with others just like you.

Some of the users already shared their videos, timelapses and pictures on Facebook or on Instagram, using the hashtags #unleashed or #foolography. We saw some users creating some outstanding content and we love to see more of it. That is why we want to encourage all the Unleashed users to share their work with all of us from the Foolography community: Keep on using the hashtags!

As a Foolography Crew member, we would share your photographs in our social media with proper credit (obviously the ones you would like to be shared), will let you know about upcoming challenges and deals beforehand, and will also give you discounts when shopping at our site – starting with a one-time discount for your next UNLEASHED (we know you have an UNLEASHED already, but in case you need one for your second camera or a friend of yours would also like to have one).

If you are interested in becoming part of the Crew and would like to learn more, just let us know, contact us via Facebook, Instagramor write us to crew(at) Send us your Instagram-Account or some sample photos. We would love you to be a part of it and would be honoured to have you on board.