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photokina2012 – done!

We spent all of last week at photokina in Cologne. We’re very glad to be back in Wiesbaden though. As fun as it is to talk to all you visitors, and show off our great products, six days is a long time! Especially after several weeks of preparations.

foolography at photokina2012

Thank you all for coming by! We’ll definitely be back in 2 years!

3 thoughts on “photokina2012 – done!

  1. Unfortunately, we could not present any new products yet. Of course we are working on new versions, but these will not be ready for several months. We will not simply make a quick fix for D800 compatibility (since there is not an easy way to do this), and will rather concentrate our limited resources on developing the next version, which we will make D800-compatible from the start.

    Sorry about that.

    PS. I will write another entry on the D800 modification, until then: if you do plan to modify the Unleashed D200+ to fit the D800, please do not file or cut the corner off – melt it instead (with a household iron or soldering iron if you have one). This way you cannot harm the electronics inside.

  2. Hello,

    Did you present any new products at Photokina? I am particularly interested in a D800-compatible Unleashed. I ended up “modding” mine to get an acceptable fit but the shutter release no longer works.



  3. Hi Oliver,

    is this already the successor of the D200+ in your hands? I am sure I am not the only one that would appreciate an update on the release of an unleashed for the Nikon D800…

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