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Why is my Fujifilm not supported?

Fujifilm only recently added support to control their cameras over USB and released an SDK for that in April 2021. They also chose to only make their higher-end cameras compatible.
While we don’t actually use the SDK, we do use the same protocol and therefore can only support the same cameras supported by the SDK. Fujifilm could possibly add USB control to your camera in the future and the Unleashed would then become compatible, but whether that might happen isn’t clear.

On top of that there is another limiting factor: Socket types and layout. The Unleashed plugs into the USB port, and its cable into the HDMI port. We made the Unleashed really, really tiny, but it unfortunately can’t fit if these two sockets are too close to each other, or to another protruding physical feature on the camera. That’s why we don’t officially support some cameras even though they might be perfectly usable with some adapter cables.

The following Fujifilm cameras are unfortunately incompatible with the Unleashed:

  • GFX-50R: USB-C port on camera bottom, HDMI-D on grip side.X-Pro2: Sockets too close together.
  • X-Pro1: No Unleashed M model with 8P plug.
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