My camera is not focussing when triggering from the Unleashed app

The Unleashed does exactly the same thing as fully pressing the cameras shutter button, nothing more, nothing less. Aside from the obvious M | AF switch on the camera body or the M/A | M switch on the lens, there are also some settings in the camera menu which hinder the camera from auto focussing in this case: In the Custom Settings Menu (the one with a pencil icon) be sure that “AF activation” is set to “Shutter/AF-ON” and NOT to “AF-ON only” (the Unleashed cannot press the AF-ON button) and “AF-C priority selection” as well as “AF-S priority selection are both set to “Focus” and NOT “Release”

If you normally prefer to shoot with the other options, some customers have chosen to save the settings needed for triggering with the Unleashed to Settings Bank B, and keep their usual settings in Bank A, to make switching easier.

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