Picture Day Workflow with Entagged Name List


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Picture Day Workflow with Entagged Name List

Basic workflow

1. On picture day, tap on the project imported for this shoot.

2. Names are grouped by grade and teacher.

3. Just tap the name next up.

4. The code gets sent to camera.

5. Yellow shows it’s sent. Turquoise confirms it’s saved.

6. The name corresponding to the code currently saved in the camera is displayed along the top and marked in the list

7. Take photos!

8. The Entagged embeds the code into the metadata of each photo.

Rinse and repeat

1. Tap next name.

2. Take photos.

3. Repeat.

Other Classes and Errors

1. Tap the back arrow to go up one level to shoot the next class.

2. Should the Entagged ever be unable to save a code to the camera.

  • you’ll be warned in red
  • and shown a reason why
  • giving you opportunity to resolve the issue
  • and try again.

1. You can search by dragging the list down or tapping the magnifying glass icon.

2. All names in the current and nested groups are displayed and can be tapped on,

3. So you can search one group or entire projects.


1. When done with a job

2. Press the folder with a + icon to clear the code currently saved in the camera, preparing for the next job

3. By pressing the pencil icon you can edit your list and delete projects.

You now know the essentials to get started with the Name List.

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