What is the difference compared to other solutions on the market?

The Unleashed is a camera accessory that is unlike other solution in the market of smart camera remote controls. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Design: The Unleashed is a tiny unobtrusive device that sits on the side of your camera, NOT blocking the hot-shoe. You’re still able to hold your camera normally and will not be in your way while shooting – you also don’t have to worry about bulky devices cables going all around your camera. You can continue using your flash or shotgun mic.

  • Power: The Unleashed never needs to be charged and is always ready to use and only uses a negligible amount of power from the camera.

  • Full control of all settings: Since we reversed engineered and implemented the Camera protocols in the Unleashed from the ground up, we don’t need a full-fledged mini-PC that can run the Manufacturer’s SDKs. So we save a lot of power as well as space. We’re also not limited by the functionality of the SDKs and can really control all controllable camera settings. So aside from Aperture, Shutterspeed and ISO we also enable changing Exposure compensation, Metering mode, Quality Drive Mode and more.

  • Auto-reconnection: As one of the only devices, the Unleashed uses Bluetooth Low Energy and not WiFi. That’s why you don’t ever have to go to your camera’s Menu to (try to) turn on Wifi, nor do you have to go to your phone’s system settings and change the Wifi network every time you want to use the Unleashed. You especially don’t have to worry that the Phone would switch back to another, preferred Wifi, which has an Internet connection (unlike your camera Wifi). The pairing is done once right from within the app, and from then on the Unleashed automatically reconnects to your smartphone as soon as they are in range, even if the app is only running in the background.

  • Easiest setup ever: It literally is just plug’n’play. The initial pairing between your phone and the Unleashed is super fast (the record in our office is under 5 seconds). Pairing is done right from the App, you don’t need to go to the Phones Bluetooth settings. After that, reconnecting works automatically.

  • Multiple cameras: With the app you can control up to six Unleasheds at the same time. You can trigger all cameras at once or control each separately – it’s up to you. You can view all the most important camera settings in a nice overview.

  • (Automatic) Holy Grail Timelapse: The Unleashed can completely automatically ramp the exposure for perfect day to night (or night to day) transition timelapses – the holy grail of timelapses.

  • Geotagging: If you want, the Unleashed can Geotag your photos, by saving the phone’s GPS location or that of an external GPS receiver directly to the photos’ metadata. Whether you take the photos from the app or with the camera itself, with the phone in your pocket. That way you’ll know exactly where you took each photo, but even more important: you can see all your photos on a map, and can easily find Photos by their location!

  • App design/usability: We focus on beautiful design and a great user experience. Not many competitors can say the same. We continue to develop this and improve the usability of the Unleashed with every update, so the Unleashed is always fun to use.

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