Direct Geotagging for Canon and Nikon

An incredible small device. Yet the most powerful Geotagging tool for DSLRs.

Plugs into the side of your camera. Connected to your phone or an external Bluetooth GPS.

Upgrade your DSLR.

The Unleashed is a BLuetooth module that connects wirelessly to your smartphone with the Unleashed app or a separate Bluetooth GPS receiver. It uses the GPS’ or your smartphone’s GPS signal for direct Geotagging. The exact GPS location of where you take the photo is saved in its metadata immediately. It never needs to be charged but also doesn’t drain your DSLR’s battery power. GPS data is transmitted every second and the exact location is embedded into each photo instantly. Plus: To make sure you can continue to use all your other equipment, the hot shoe stays free.


With the Unleashed you can save the exact location of where you took each photo in its metadata. A must-have feature when you take your DSLR wherever you go. Find pictures of your favourite spots on a map without having to remember exactly when you were there. Almost all photo-software supports Geotagging and an interactive map.

Smart Technology

Free app for Android and iOS to set the interval for sending GPS data to the camera.

Quick and reliable by using Bluetooth Low Energy. Automatic reconnection every time.

No charging necessary as the Unleashed uses minimal power of the camera.

With Unleashed, Foolography is launching the smartest SLR camera remote control yet.


Get Unleashed

The new Unleashed will enable you to take the best photos you ever took and shoot the best videos you ever shot.

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