Timelapses inspire awe in everyone who sees them, and they’re incredibly rewarding to create. But often, technical difficulties or the lack of the right gear stifle the fun timelapse photography is supposed to bring, stopping many to even try.


  • Effortless timelapse setup
  • Even “Holy Grail” day-to-night transitions
  • Autoramp shutterspeed, aperture, ISO
  • Several algorithms, including LRTimelapse
  • Packed with intelligent details
  • Easy to use
  • Tiny but powerful
  • Melts into side of your camera
  • No charging necessary
  • Always on your camera and ready to go


“I’ve had one of these for a few years now and find the product to be excellent. It opens up a a new level of creativity. I could not rate this product highly enough.”

Michael S.

“Excellent… Does what it is intended to do, and a lot more. Useful to more advanced photographers (that’s good – space for us to grow).”

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Marc (via B&H)

“Unleashed has changed my life. I have two, one for each Z7, use them to about 10% of their potential and they’re still game-changing.”

Josh H.


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Testimonial by Milky Way Mike

Foolography Ambassador

“Over the years I’ve tested out a lot of photography gear and I can confidently say that the Unleashed has become an essential creative tool that lives on my camera. Who knew something so small could be so powerful!”

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Taking timelapses with the Unleashed is super easy:

  1. Turn on your camera and the Unleashed will automatically reconnect to your smartphone.
  2. Easily set up the timelapse in the intuitive Unleashed app. Once you’ve started the shot, the Unleashed will take care of the rest, so you can just sit back and
  3. enjoy the beautiful results. It’s that simple!

All you need – always with you

The Unleashed on your camera + our app on your phone.

The Unleashed is designed to stay attached directly to your camera’s USB port and is powered by the camera battery so it’s always ready to use. No charging needed. No big setup. No bulky devices on your hot shoe or weighing down your camera bag. Just put your camera on a tripod and you’re good to go.

The best timelapse tool

For your Nikon or Canon.

The Unleashed makes setting up interval shots as easy as it gets. Whether for timelapse videos or star trail photos. After framing your shot, just choose your interval and how long you want to shoot for in our app. Check the calculated clip length, and hit start. The best part: The UNLEASHED controls the camera, not the app. After you set up and start your timelapse, you can close the app, turn off Bluetooth or go out of range. The Unleashed will keep triggering the camera. Even when disconnected, you can keep an eye on the estimated progress in the app. When you’re back in range, the Unleashed will reconnect automatically and you’ll see real time updates again.


Automatic exposure ramping for everyone.

Effortlessly create “Holy Grail” timelapses with smooth day-to-night transitions. The Unleashed takes over the work of adjusting camera settings. Choose between the Foolography auto-ramp algorithm or the exposure ramping provided by LRTimelapse. On sunsets, Unleashed ramps shutterspeed, then aperture, then ISO down to the limits you set for each setting, in the smallest steps possible (usually 1/3rd of a stop). On sunrises, in reverse order, for the best possible image quality. So that you’re not overwhelmed with all the settings, we give you sensible defaults as starting points, but you have full control if you want it. You can also manually adjust the reference exposure if you find the algorithm is a little too bright or too dark. We’ll incorporate this adjustment over the next few shots to avoid jumps in the exposure.

Smart Technology

Free intuitive iOS and Android app with beautiful user interface.

Quick and reliable thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy. No changing of Wifi settings necessary.

No charging necessary as the Unleashed uses minimal power of the camera.

Implementation details that make the difference

German engineering – refined to the last detail.

The Unleashed is made in Germany, and developed by German engineers. To give you the best support to take awesome timelapses, we tried think of the smallest details, and optimised all edge-cases. Here are just a few examples:

  • With other intervalometers, you get unnecessary long hold-times per interval causing noticeable dark-times. Some advanced intervalometers let you specify the hold time, but choosing it too short will make you miss shots, and the ideal time varies from camera to camera and depends on camera settings. The Unleashed gets the information, when the shutter opens and closes, directly from the camera, so we automatically use the absolute shortest possible hold time and “let go” of the shutter button the instant we know the shot started! No need for configuration, let alone trial and error.
  • On long intervals we turn off camera communication whenever possible to reduce power usage. So even long-term timelapses are possible with a single camera battery.
  • On these long interval shots, we have an earlier timer to wake up the camera (and autofocus if you really want to) before the actual interval, in order to maintain a precise time from shot to shot.
  • If Geotagging is on, we make sure the camera has a fresh set of GPS data before each shot is taken. Should you lose connection to your GPS device or smartphone, we will continue to save the last known position for the entire duration of the timelapse. We figured that you’re either going to remain stationary, or if not, will make sure to take your GPS with you.
  • On very short intervals we turn off features when needed to maintain precise timing. For example if Geotagging is on, we make sure the first shot has GPS data and if necessary turn it off for the rest of the timelapse.
  • You can even combine our long exposure feature with timelapse – ideal for stacking astrophotos.
  • With our ND filter setting, shutterspeed gets adjusted automatically for you, so you can add or remove ND filters between two shots. Our autoramping algorithms will take this into account automatically, and won’t miss a beat!
  • We even pause the timelapse and save the current state when your camera’s battery level goes below 1% or when you turn off the camera, and will restart where you left off when you turn it on again or tap continue in the app. This makes quick battery changes during a timelapse easy.
  • In the app we show you error messages if settings such as shutterspeed and interval conflict, and for autoramping if program mode is not M or none of the three rampable settings are writeable. We also warn you if autofocus, auto ISO or auto WB are on, if you’re not shooting Raw, or if the planned number of shots won’t fit on your card. Errors will stop you from starting the timelapse, but warnings can be ignored, giving you complete control over your timelapse settings.