Advanced Timelapse Tool for Canon and Nikon

An incredible small device. Yet the most powerful tool to create timelapses with your DSLR.

Plugs into the side of your camera. Controlled through our free app.



Setting up a timelapse can be a lot of work. However, with the Unleashed you’ll have an advanced intervalometer that is ready to go whenever you want. Easily control your settings from within the app and press start. And the best thing is: Once it’s set, you can close the app or go back into your tent and check the process without being connected to the Unleashed.

Smart Technology

Free app for Android and iOS with a greatly designed interface.

Quick and reliable by using Bluetooth Low Energy. No changing of Wifi setting necessary.

No charging necessary as the Unleashed uses minimal power of the camera.

Automatic Exposure Ramping for everyone.

The Unleashed even supports carefully controlled exposure ramping for smooth day to night transitions timelapses – the “holy grail”. In the app you can choose between the Foolography auto-ramp algorithm or the secret exposure ramping provided by LRTimelapse.

With Unleashed, Foolography is launching the smartest SLR camera remote control yet.


Get Unleashed

The new Unleashed will enable you to take the best photos you ever took and shoot the best videos you ever shot.

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