Smart Camera Accessories


Advanced Smartphone Remote Control for DSLRs

A beautifully designed tiny Bluetooth module, packed with features: Fully control your DSLRs settings. Wireless. From your smartphone.

Unleashed funded on Kickstarter, preorder on Indiegogo InDemand - side-view


Taking Geotagging To The Next Level.

Add the exact location to your photos at the very moment you press the shutter. Our Unleashed is a tiny Bluetooth module that allows wireless and direct geotagging for all Nikon DSLRs.

direct geotagging: gps - unleashed - location in metadata of image


Revolutionizing Volume Photography.

Fully automate your workflow with barcode tagging. A barcode in the metadata automatically associates people or products with their photos, saving you countless of hours of manual work in post.

Barcode Scanning direct to EXIF data

Made in Germany

Our team is committed to building smart camera accessories that simplify the lives of photographers. Quality is extremely important to us and we’re proud that all our products are designed, manufactured and tested in Germany.

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