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How to pair an optional scanner with the Entagged and scan codes


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Getting Started

Pair an additional Bluetooth Scanner

1. Pair the Entagged with a phone. See FAQ: “How do I connect and pair the Entagged with my phone?”

2. Tap the Entagged settings icon at the bottom of the app’s menu.

3. Tap on the Entagged that you want to pair the scanner to. Note: Make sure the Entagged is plugged into the camera and the camera is turned on.

4. Tap “Accessories”.

5. In this screen, the app is continuously searching for scanners. Turn on the scanner and make sure it’s close to the Entagged. To turn on the scanner and immediately bring it into the pairing mode, press the small button at the top of the scanner for five seconds.

6. In the app, the scanner should now appear in the list. Tap on the scanner you want to pair. If the pairing was successful, the scanner will emit a high pitched single beep and in the app, will move to the top area. If it’s not showing up and you’ve previously paired the scanner with your phone, be sure to unpair it first.

7. The scanner is now successfully paired to the Entagged. You can use the app to manage the Entagged or the scanner.

You are now set up and ready to go.

Scanning a code with the Opticon scanner

1. Turn on your camera with the Entagged plugged in and make sure your Entagged is paired to your Opticon scanner (see “Pair an additional Bluetooth Scanner”).

2. Turn on your Opticon scanner by pressing the small button at the top of the scanner for five seconds. The scanner will now automatically reconnect to the Entagged and do a high single beep once it’s connected.

3. Scan a code by pressing the big button at the top of the scanner. The red laser will turn on; hold the scanner so the red laser line is over the complete barcode.

4. If a code was successfully scanned the scanner will do high double beep and the laser will go off.

5. If the code was transmitted to the camera successfully the scanner will do an even higher double beep.

6. Take a photo and the code is saved in the photo’s EXIF data: In the comment field on Nikon or in the copyright field on Canon cameras.

7. The last code will be saved in all the photos you take until you scan the next code.

8. If something went wrong while scanning a code, the scanner will do deep single beep. The old code is still saved. Just scan one more time.

9. If the scanner loses connection to the Entagged (e.g. the camera is turned off), the scanner will start blinking blue and the Entagged’s LED will shine yellow. If you’re trying to scan a code while no connection is established you will get a deep single beep.

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