The pairing doesn’t work. What can I do?

All our Unleashed’09 are tested before they get sent to you. Even though there might be a small chance the Unleashed is broken, please check the following point and retry the pairing routine:

  1. Your Unleashed’09 is plugged in the right way – be careful to not have it plugged in upside down.
  2. For the Unleashed’09 D200+: You keep the shutter release pressed and don’t let go by mistake.
  3. For the Unleashed’09 Dx000: You have the MC-DC2 plugged into the Unleashed’09 the right way.
  4. Your Bluetooth GPS receiver is turned on and is searching for Bluetooth devices.
  5. For Bad Elf GPS: To be able to pair the Unleashed’09 with the Bad Elf GPS Pro/Pro+, make sure the GPS’s Firmware is up to date (using the Bad Elf iOS app) and then change the Bluetooth settings to always allow PIN 0000 for pairing. Without this setting, the Unleashed’09 won’t be able to pair. If you’ve purchased the GPS Pro from us directly, these settings are already changed.
  6. Turn off all other Bluetooth devices in your area or make sure you don’t have many around you.

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