Next level geotagging for your DSLR.


Photos let you capture the most beautiful moments in life. Be mesmerised again and again by that breathtaking Malaysian sunset. Return to the one-of-a-kind view that you happened upon while hiking the Alps. Relive the joy of showing your girlfriend your favourite spots in New York and watch her smile grow throughout the day. With the Unleashed you can save the exact location of where you took each photo in its metadata. Rediscover great photo locations, find and sort photos by position and see your holiday route on a map.

One with your camera.

Developing the Unleashed, we had one big design goal: its tiny size. We’ve reduced its physical size to the minimum so you can leave the Unleashed on the camera at all times, even when packing the camera into your bag. To make sure you can continue to use all your other equipment, the hot shoe stays free.

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Technology that’s on your side.

The Unleashed is a Bluetooth module that connects wirelessly to a separate Bluetooth GPS receiver. It never needs to be charged but also doesn’t drain your DSLR’s battery power. GPS data is transmitted from the receiver to the Unleashed every second and the exact location is embedded into each photo instantly.

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Upgrade your DSLR.

While you might know geotagging from your smartphone, it’s not a common feature in DSLRs. Add GPS location data to your photos to always know where you took each one of them. The Unleashed geotags photos the moment you press the shutter: direct geotagging for every Nikon DSLR on the market.

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Compatible with all GPS receivers.

To give you the freedom you need, the Unleashed is compatible with almost all Bluetooth GPS receivers on the market. You get to choose the parameters important to you: precision, battery life, price or additional features.

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We make quality a feature.

We believe in reliability. To reach our expectations of quality, our Unleashed is completely “Made in Germany”. We make sure the Unleashed is produced locally, because in our experience, a close relationship with manufacturers is what makes the difference.

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Get Unleashed.

Return to unique photo locations. Relive beautiful memories. Take yourself and your camera to the next level. Add wireless direct geotagging to your DSLR.

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