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Nikon D800/D800E – still no built-in GPS

A few days ago, Nikon announced the D800 and the D800E, and again they did not build in a GPS Receiver. While I’m sure this will happen in the future, Nikon do still have some work ahead of them to get this to work well enough for a pro camera! And contrary to what they say – it’s not (just) about the limited space inside the camera body. Read some of my thoughts here. Nikon did keep their 10-pin port for attaching external GPS devices.

Nikon D800 with its 10-pin port for GPS

Unfortunately, Nikon changed the physical design of the area around that 10-pin port in such a way, that our Unleashed D200+ no longer fits, at least not without modification.

The problem is that Nikon made the D800 smaller, the lens mount wider, and most contours of the camera more slanted. This results in less space near the 10-pin port to begin with, and that space decreasing even more as you try to push the Unleashed further into the socket – so much, that it is not possible to firmly plug the Unleashed into the socket. Electrically, it would still work, but physically it does not fit.

Nikon D800 Top view with Unleashed D200+ outline
Illustration of the problem area – proportions are not exact.

We now need to wait until we get a D800, in order to evaluate whether it might be possible to make the Unleashed fit by modifying its casing (i.e. cutting or sanding off the one edge of the back of the Unleashed) to fit the slanted edge of the lens mount, and how we will need to redesign the next version of the product to account for the changes.

9 thoughts on “Nikon D800/D800E – still no built-in GPS

  1. Hi guys,

    Any update on your development progress for D800 support? I’m actually holding off on a purchase of a D800 until I see a product launch for D800 support from Foolography. Hope you’re progressing well.

  2. Hi.
    Another one who’s waiting for an solution for the D200+ compatible to the D800.
    But don’t hesitate – I’ve waited a long time for the D800, so I can wait for a perfect solution from foolography :-)
    Love it, due to the small form factor compared to other solutions.


  3. @toorude: Yes, we are working on a new version of the Unleashed D200+ already. We will of course adapt the casing, so that it fits the D800 as well. We cannot promise a release date but we are hoping to be able to present it at the photokina trade show in fall. If you don’t want to miss the release and get information about the new great features which we will integrate, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on facebook and twitter. Greetings from Germany!

  4. Will there be a different solution for the D800, like a …. Unleashed D800+…? :-) And if so… when? I would not like to buy my D800 without knowing that there will be a possibility for GPS tagging with the D800

    Regards toorude

  5. Hi this is Abi from foolography. We were able to test our Unleashed D200+ on the new D800 and we tried to modify the plastic casing to fit the new D800 design. Unfortunately the available space is so little that an adjustment of the current Unleashed D200+ will not be possible. My colleague Oilver will post our findings within the next few days for further information. Best regards, Abi

  6. Hello,

    Another ‘vote’ for some kind of solution to this difficulty. I am about to order a D800E and would be very disappointed to not be able to use your excellent solution with it (by modifying my existing D200+ unit if necessary).



  7. Hallo,
    Ja das ist mehr als ärgerlich. Ich habe eine d800 und wir leben im selben raum so das ich anbieten koennte mal mit der d800 auf eine kaffee vorbeizuschauen.

  8. The D800 will have been released by now have you been able to ascertain a way around the Nikon body getting in the way of the Unleashed D200+ yet?

    I’m keen to know because I used your product successfully with a Fuji S5 and the D800E is going to be my next camera and I really want to continue to use your GPS with that camera.

  9. Too bad the 200+ will not work. I really love your product. I have a 200+ and one for the D90. Always shoot with them. Looking forward to your solution as I have a D800 on order.

    Keep the great products coming.


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